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New Jersey! Really eh?

Might just have to adopt The Finite Beings here in Canada with such a distinctly Canadian vibe goin’ on!

I’m all about this cut. I was a little devastated for a moment trying to figure out who the heck it was that they reminded me of while I was listening…that…immaculate punch to the spark of their single “The Shade” was so close to something by comparison…the whole design really…and I felt like it was gonna escape me for a moment there, until it finally dawned on me. Was it as simple as the brilliantly dark melody of the intense parts at the end of the chorus & how that would remind us of Alice In Chains, most specifically the vocals on the Dirt record? It seemed like it could have been that at first…and I felt myself giving in for a moment…maybe that was all it was…but it kept nagging at me – there was something so much closer to the sound of The Finite Beings that I was certain I could compare the overall sound to… Was it the heavy grind & groove of the band combined being similar to the heavy melodic nature of the latter half of Soundgarden’s career? Because sure, that’d be fair too…but that didn’t seem like it either…it was something about the vocals of Mike Nicholas and how they fit with such a deadly, silky smooth sound on top of such hard-hitting & dynamic music rumbling underneath…

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