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Singled Out: The Finite Beings – Journey Of Trials

When my Spotify playlist shows me what I listened to most in 2024 I am pretty sure the new single, Journey Of Trials, by New Jersey Trio The Finite Beings will be among all the other songs that I kept coming back to.

I have been listening to The Finite Beings for some time now and their evolution of sound continues to inspire me. I came on board when they released their timely single The Virus, a song that encapsulated the feeling we all shared during one of those strange times in recent history, the pandemic lockdowns. When I heard that single, I knew that this was a band that cared about the message that they put out, and not just musicians trying to show off for the sake of adoration. The songs that followed progressively reached deeper and more personal moments for the band, and the diversity of sound they showed was starting to blur the lines of the genre box they originally were placed in. Is this band Alt Rock? Faith Rock? Grunge? Indie Alternative? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes. The Finite Beings have earned all of those titles with the recent release of their EP A Shell Of What Could Be, releasex in 2023.

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