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So let’s see where we are…somewhere around three & a half years of listening to The Finite Beings?

Y’all know me…I call things like I hear’em, but I’m also first in line to give credit where credit is due too – and I gotta say, one of the first thoughts I had after giving “Journey Of Trials” a spin was that The Finite Beings certainly have a sound they can call their own, and I’d definitely be able to pick’em out of a lineup blindfolded at this point after having listened to their music for as long as I have now.  We’ve experienced some ups and downs as they evolved as a band, which is natural.  They had highlights we can remember like the first single I ever heard from them called “The Shade,” they had moments that I questioned them a bit more, like on the single “Hope Is Sleeping In Grace’s Arms” – and they summed up their recent material in a tight set that went on last year’s A Shell Of What Could Be EP.  The Finite Beings have put the work, and to be completely fair to this New Jersey-based band, it’s been noticed.

I mention all this for context dear readers, dear friends…because this band knows to expect nothing but honesty from me, pass or fail, just like you do.  It’s in saying that, that I gotta hand it to’em – “Journey Of Trials” is a genuinely strong song to add into their catalog, and if there was something they could have somehow done better here, I’m not personally hearing it.  In fact, it’s actually a lot harder to figure out who the real star of the show is in a performance of this caliber, which always suggests that what you’re hearing is the achievement of a unified band, playing together as the singular entity they’re meant to be.

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