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New Band Interview in Flyah Magazine

With the group name like “The Finite Beings; you seem original and interesting. Can you tell us what's the meaning of the name and what you guys stand for?

Mike: The Finite Beings was a term that Donny and I often heard in a theology study we both attended. It was run by a good friend and pastor that truly played a pivotal role in shaping our view of the world and our human condition as we live out our lives. When it came to deciding on a band name, Donny’s then girlfriend and now wife, mentioned the term “finite.” We loved it because it described who we are as we walk and grow through this life. We are finite beings with a limited view and perspective of something so much bigger than us. I find it to be a very humble name to represent such a big sound with substance. We want to take people on a spiritual journey with our music as we evolve and grow as people and artists. We want the listener to wonder and stir up emotion in them as they take the journey with us; all while pushing the boundaries of thought and musicianship. 

How long have you guys been working on music together?  How did concept come about?

Mike: As mentioned, Donny and I met at a theology study in 2010. So we have been writing music together for about a decade. Our concept came about by wanting to take our classic rock influences and blending them with a fresh contemporary rock sound. All while using a writing style that provokes emotion, thought, imagery, and substance. The addition of Hunter this past year has been a huge blessing and key ingredient in taking our sound to another level. He serves as producer as well as multi instrumentalist. I’m happy to call him our third member.


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