"Another masterpiece from the two maestros from New Jersey that doesn't deserve to pass unnoticed or remain in the background compared with big names of the genre." - RockMetalBands.com


With the release of the full length A Life To Come Renewed album, The Finite Beings takes the most impactful parts of a few classic genres to breed a sound familiar, but all their own.  Lush addicting guitar work, an edgy, pop-infused songwriting style, and an honest, poetic lyrical approach, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative rock anthems.

The first single, “For The Weary”, creeps in with its infectious vocal harmonies, followed by it's hard hitting powerhouse chorus.  Most important though, is the song's ability to build and breathe as it plays on. 


The Finite Beings have come a long way in there years of writing together but none of it would have happened if it wasn't for the theology and philosophy discussion group they had both joined. The two of them each had a lot of questions about life and the purpose of things. The group gave them each some insight into deeper issues of the world. 

Eventually, Michael showed Donny a few song ideas and they were met with enthusiasm and excitement. The duo started writing material together that very night, and haven’t stopped since. While both members share vocal duties, Donny focuses on laying out the guitar and bass composition as Michael creates the lyrical content and drum tracks. Though each of them perform their writing functions well, their roles can blend at times. 

Continuing to write, record, and grow as a band and as people, they ended up with a plethora of material. All released to an extent but none of it seeing the light of day it should have. Now, releasing a final, full version of an album years in the making, The Finite Beings are pushing forward and branching off into new musical horizons.


"More and more, I love when bands add twists on the creative influences that they inject into their music. The Finite Beings is a standard indie rock band that is not afraid to take chances with their music and the result is a melodic and chaotic debut album that works more as an art house experience than a straightforward rock record.-"  crimsonmoonzine.com


"Unusual sounds you could already admire on the last album from THE FINITE BEINGS; Now the duo from New Jersey has again extended its range enormously and a motley mix of melancholy and haunting harmonies, groovy rock songs, unconventional suspense and great melodies created and compiled on the current release to a vast mix really nice scores." - Legacy Press

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