With the release of their full-length album ‘A Life to Come Renewed’, New Jersey trio The Finite Beings hit the music scene in a fresh new way. Taking some of the most impactful parts of the classic genre of music and mixing that familiar sound with their own unique alt-rock style, The Finite Beings have created something truly special to offer today’s music scene.

Following the launch of their album came the pandemic that put all live shows on hold and forced many musicians to look inward for inspiration. Lead singer and current drummer, Michael Nicholas, found a deep connection to the idea that we will all get through this and find the better day ahead if we can remember to reconnect and not allow fear to tell us our truths. The song that came out of this deep state is the band's latest single The Virus.

In these very trying times, I felt it on my heart to share my thoughts and emotions in a song. I wanted to be genuine and honest with my fear and doubt, while also expressing my confidence in brighter days to come. This is what ended up coming out. A song that confronts the harsh reality that we are in, but also walking and growing through it with hope. This is our new single, The Virus.’---Michael Nicholas


The Virus is a melodic and heavy rock ballad that takes us on a journey within our own thoughts towards this global crisis.

With Lush addicting guitar work and thunderous bass provided by Donny DePaola and Hunter Kino, the band's edgy, pop-infused approach to songwriting, combined with an honest poetic lyrical approach captures the aesthetic of well-known alternative rock anthems.

The Virus single is now live and can be streamed on most major streaming services.


No one will deny the incredible impact that our current pandemic has had on all of us, and musicians were one of those who were hit the hardest, considering that all live shows across the globe vanished almost overnight. Suddenly, the world felt like it was no longer singing, and the nervous quiet vibe was permeating everything, and for a time, hope was not easy to find. Eventually, the world started to sing again, and artists started to show up with new music videos, live concerts from their homes, and now, with New Jersey’s own The Finite Beings with their latest inspired single The Virus, an infectious new rock ballad that aims to remind everyone that this too shall pass and that we will overcome this through learning to connect once again.

Upon first listen, without paying closer attention to the lyrics from this alt-rock band, one might mistake this song for being far more somber than it is. We tend to make that mistake when we do not take a complete look at the entire painting, or in this case, a full look at the entire song itself.


It hits with those gloomy and grungy slow guitar strikes and 90’s inspired distortion, and I am reminded of bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, but upon closer inspection, there is also some APC meets Sunny Day Real Estate, and therein lies the complexity in what sounds like a simple song.

If you are a lyric listener like I am, then you will appreciate that this song may deal with a dark theme, but it levels off that hard edge by inspiring hope in a better day ahead, and you can’t help but feel like we are all in this together and that this really is going to be all right; as long as we conquer the liar that is fear itself.

For these three skilled musicians, Michael Nicholas on vocals and drums, Donny DePaola on Guitar, and Hunter Kino on both Guitar and Bass, they sure do make a large thunderous sound. I was sure there was a fourth member in here somewhere, and that is what a solid band can achieve when they have great chemistry.

The Virus does not officially drop until August 18, 2020, so if you want to get yourself acquainted with the band beforehand, head over to their Spotify artist page today and see all the other great music that they have released.

Stay safe out there listeners, and make sure to support the artists that are all working overtime to help make isolation easier on us all.






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